NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriberrlsomgaonline13871078452463975156301 Aug '21 21:15Challenge Player
Subscriberbttnpshrxonline136719319799610023130001 Aug '21 21:15Challenge Player
Subscriberchris stephensonline125333881398176722301 Aug '21 21:12Challenge Player
Standard memberScotchessonline14631287451301 Aug '21 21:12Challenge Player
Standard memberGerry1953online156314492312101 Aug '21 21:11Challenge Player
Standard memberBraveheartJimonline14298356151201 Aug '21 21:11Challenge Player
Standard memberAcademusonline183238601842170131701 Aug '21 21:09Challenge Player
Subscribercatnap642online1135157837676733377401 Aug '21 21:08Challenge Player
Standard memberweeJTonline1350503316101 Aug '21 21:07Challenge Player
Standard memberph46online1317439239194601 Aug '21 21:05Challenge Player
Subscribervandergoot13642721140812179601 Aug '21 21:03Challenge Player
Standard memberRusty2699918378881701 Aug '21 21:02Challenge Player
Standard memberSusan Cameron1013682839101 Aug '21 21:02Challenge Player
Standard membermike235181726823825501 Aug '21 21:00Challenge Player
Standard memberStormwatch1301301416001 Aug '21 20:55Challenge Player
Standard memberColin Wylie12754662202202601 Aug '21 20:54Challenge Player
Standard memberLIMcDp1200413001 Aug '21 20:50Challenge Player
Standard memberAndyd67119313034937803001 Aug '21 20:48Challenge Player
SubscriberKinvig14851037224701 Aug '21 20:48Challenge Player
Standard memberScotchmitch1110254298015313101 Aug '21 20:42Challenge Player
Standard memberChina4221325965437501 Aug '21 20:42Challenge Player
Standard membercairdie1233254124121901 Aug '21 20:39Challenge Player
Standard membercrossana1442156178266411501 Aug '21 20:39Challenge Player
SubscriberFlash McFlash99411044426471501 Aug '21 20:38Challenge Player
SubscriberNick2175154937011891166314701 Aug '21 20:33Challenge Player
Standard memberwhuggie9789954685141301 Aug '21 20:28Challenge Player
Standard memberBob Reid1483141163962414801 Aug '21 20:23Challenge Player
Standard memberreadybreaks9666512194221001 Aug '21 20:22Challenge Player
Standard memberbleepyF112815287167694301 Aug '21 20:21Challenge Player
Standard membershamusmcnoan116010394066161701 Aug '21 20:19Challenge Player
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