NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberelvislivesonline9793711542071021 Jan '22 05:32Challenge Player
Standard memberIain gibson1444433218210521 Jan '22 05:23Challenge Player
SubscriberGBMCM17022903158797334321 Jan '22 05:04Challenge Player
Standard memberTony .Fleming12334311572641021 Jan '22 04:49Challenge Player
Standard memberBellomax1390170763410027121 Jan '22 04:39Challenge Player
Subscriberjkmelancon11295174201231035921 Jan '22 04:39Challenge Player
Standard memberGerry19531512202128433121 Jan '22 04:29Challenge Player
Standard memberMsBinoz11875102042961021 Jan '22 03:43Challenge Player
SubscriberPenguin303162434441861126531821 Jan '22 02:51Challenge Player
Standard memberPaul Rp98212012021 Jan '22 02:38Challenge Player
Standard memberColin Wylie12875782822653121 Jan '22 02:21Challenge Player
Standard memberSilverknight751920401354212621 Jan '22 02:11Challenge Player
Standard memberrevmdavis13941046933221 Jan '22 02:07Challenge Player
Subscriberrlsomga14971119954264149162421 Jan '22 01:49Challenge Player
Standard memberRobbie Pringle64018612166821 Jan '22 01:42Challenge Player
Standard membernithus11839764325321221 Jan '22 01:34Challenge Player
Standard memberD Marshall1249220103111621 Jan '22 01:30Challenge Player
Standard membermartin w9834431712502221 Jan '22 01:27Challenge Player
Standard membersandyno1171612889063235921 Jan '22 01:00Challenge Player
Standard memberToosh1249724526121 Jan '22 00:44Challenge Player
Subscriberchris stephens111641051707211927921 Jan '22 00:40Challenge Player
Standard memberlyndmeg11691525194721 Jan '22 00:34Challenge Player
Standard memberAndyd67121815185779053621 Jan '22 00:32Challenge Player
Standard memberMctayto1258384631363019146568721 Jan '22 00:28Challenge Player
Standard memberdodgyfivers13087034632142621 Jan '22 00:28Challenge Player
Standard memberIngenious1678756112221 Jan '22 00:23Challenge Player
Standard memberProfiteer11892851859183915321 Jan '22 00:23Challenge Player
Standard memberIainCp1200211021 Jan '22 00:19Challenge Player
Subscriberjockpie1021567129429921 Jan '22 00:10Challenge Player
Standard membershamusmcnoan98010674116391721 Jan '22 00:03Challenge Player
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