NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
SubscriberPonderableonline13991865892208378106029 Jun '22 10:17Challenge Player
Standard memberValerionline150512646225816129 Jun '22 10:14Challenge Player
Standard memberDonAdamCarlosonline1473834531729 Jun '22 10:11Challenge Player
Standard memberCheckovonline14744035300781521329 Jun '22 10:09Challenge Player
Standard memberkleinscheisser16842992903629 Jun '22 10:00Challenge Player
Standard memberCaptain Footos9688323414504129 Jun '22 09:59Challenge Player
Standard memberSachsenbauer12435892663041929 Jun '22 09:58Challenge Player
Standard memberFBrosch171570737023110629 Jun '22 09:55Challenge Player
Standard memberdirtybit148913511221229 Jun '22 09:53Challenge Player
Standard memberLilLasker171427260129 Jun '22 09:53Challenge Player
Standard memberCatsailor2192215103466629 Jun '22 09:51Challenge Player
Standard memberLeviok Pendragaz15264692112391929 Jun '22 09:46Challenge Player
Subscribergina0104126157642470313715729 Jun '22 09:45Challenge Player
Standard memberinterface124410614865344129 Jun '22 09:40Challenge Player
Standard memberdeka72177314118494649829 Jun '22 09:34Challenge Player
Subscriberjulien hartley16286103592222929 Jun '22 09:32Challenge Player
Standard memberUllichamp169034961814138130129 Jun '22 09:27Challenge Player
Subscriberlechler118666303153313933829 Jun '22 09:25Challenge Player
SubscriberR91839154567471016129 Jun '22 09:22Challenge Player
Standard memberAurelius79150915638596505429 Jun '22 09:18Challenge Player
Standard memberAdrian Liebtrau152819212262829 Jun '22 09:13Challenge Player
Standard memberbutterflyking1629117765641610529 Jun '22 09:13Challenge Player
Standard memberAndreas4up131214104029 Jun '22 09:13Challenge Player
SubscriberAliceWD2424397275616129 Jun '22 09:06Challenge Player
Standard memberuhmail154439261989164629129 Jun '22 09:04Challenge Player
Standard memberTalktalk1576976132429 Jun '22 09:02Challenge Player
Standard memberzirrostratus1768162118321229 Jun '22 08:41Challenge Player
Standard memberGurkenrick96779473229 Jun '22 08:37Challenge Player
SubscriberMelina67126174243167359166629 Jun '22 08:23Challenge Player
Standard memberBarcelonaJoerg11774272201961129 Jun '22 08:14Challenge Player
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