NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberjoy999online16581652111034919320 Oct '21 11:34Challenge Player
Standard memberelmajnounonline11769573425991620 Oct '21 11:34Challenge Player
Standard memberCedric Cajetonline13921277248720 Oct '21 11:31Challenge Player
SubscriberSebix15343341841212920 Oct '21 11:30Challenge Player
Standard memberRobertka1010501039120 Oct '21 11:28Challenge Player
SubscriberKratic18142750162287625220 Oct '21 11:27Challenge Player
Standard memberjohnf12212361161021820 Oct '21 11:24Challenge Player
Subscribersigal lucien17736123272117420 Oct '21 11:18Challenge Player
Standard memberlantignie155115484521820 Oct '21 11:03Challenge Player
Standard memberMarkthelionheart1272423213204620 Oct '21 10:43Challenge Player
Standard memberDav Kasparov1564219143631320 Oct '21 10:41Challenge Player
Subscriberpolo2000144656432720257434920 Oct '21 10:37Challenge Player
Standard memberTrinalea140420117220 Oct '21 10:26Challenge Player
Subscribermikaeloff philippe13732296105111499620 Oct '21 10:24Challenge Player
Standard membersébastien cambriels1474493514020 Oct '21 10:18Challenge Player
Standard memberthierry0816585653371606820 Oct '21 10:08Challenge Player
Standard membermontmartre155411196563768720 Oct '21 09:54Challenge Player
Standard memberRaspa126015848267124620 Oct '21 09:26Challenge Player
Subscribersabinus1120218996611606320 Oct '21 09:16Challenge Player
Standard membermortisdead12753892231561020 Oct '21 09:14Challenge Player
Standard memberpapyrol108314063289839520 Oct '21 09:06Challenge Player
SubscriberGenieGP19144112431571120 Oct '21 09:03Challenge Player
Standard memberbahouais174527224120 Oct '21 07:55Challenge Player
Standard memberDickyWes13474412281981520 Oct '21 07:45Challenge Player
SubscriberSammy the Froggy13848554473664220 Oct '21 07:31Challenge Player
Standard memberalbinos17112380142663631820 Oct '21 05:57Challenge Player
Standard memberJoseph K151513256046556620 Oct '21 05:55Challenge Player
Standard memberGanlanshu94821372137420 Oct '21 05:53Challenge Player
SubscriberGwendal Morvan-Illitch195718415429120 Oct '21 05:40Challenge Player
Standard membermomosspelar934431230120 Oct '21 05:23Challenge Player
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