NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberCedric Cajet13533041671271023 Mar '23 05:43Challenge Player
Standard membercadafalcus1383994451423 Mar '23 05:34Challenge Player
Standard memberGreg agenp15161477023 Mar '23 05:30Challenge Player
Standard memberAlain Girardp13311688023 Mar '23 05:22Challenge Player
Standard membernikitwo1742243174511823 Mar '23 05:20Challenge Player
Standard memberDidier Leperou1334453411023 Mar '23 04:32Challenge Player
Standard memberCommaderTaco154314976621123 Mar '23 01:26Challenge Player
Standard memberlanouzille1297320170147323 Mar '23 01:04Challenge Player
Standard memberjoy99917231849124738721523 Mar '23 00:44Challenge Player
Standard memberpopeyethesailor148161202565310345222 Mar '23 23:54Challenge Player
Standard memberGanlanshu96925483165622 Mar '23 23:33Challenge Player
Standard memberpopel14742020809100021122 Mar '23 23:25Challenge Player
SubscriberBebert II1873137078044714322 Mar '23 23:17Challenge Player
Standard memberPherl17331487866422 Mar '23 22:17Challenge Player
Standard memberMarkthelionheart1236633321304822 Mar '23 21:45Challenge Player
Subscribersabinus10212357103812487122 Mar '23 21:41Challenge Player
Standard memberBabotchkap1278918022 Mar '23 21:26Challenge Player
Standard memberJacques Lacan12255111922685122 Mar '23 21:12Challenge Player
Standard memberbozitino1349208931031222 Mar '23 21:04Challenge Player
Standard memberJPouille1456372114222 Mar '23 20:59Challenge Player
Standard memberzandlopertje11741178122441222 Mar '23 20:41Challenge Player
Standard memberJoseph K155213496166666722 Mar '23 20:31Challenge Player
Standard membersébastien cambriels15011298341522 Mar '23 20:30Challenge Player
Standard memberBaradon120529673220322 Mar '23 20:27Challenge Player
Standard memberolivier bardoup1200000022 Mar '23 20:03Challenge Player
Standard memberLegranddidier11184201412651422 Mar '23 19:41Challenge Player
Standard memberthierry0817046383901787022 Mar '23 19:21Challenge Player
Standard memberlantignie15354061981674122 Mar '23 18:25Challenge Player
Standard membergolgoth1455523217322 Mar '23 18:07Challenge Player
Standard memberalbinos16962519149868833322 Mar '23 17:28Challenge Player
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