NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberjoy999online16961969133041022924 Sep '23 11:48Challenge Player
Standard memberolivier bardoup79516114124 Sep '23 11:39Challenge Player
Standard memberalbinos16922571152370834024 Sep '23 11:37Challenge Player
Standard memberEssylld148423138224 Sep '23 11:27Challenge Player
Standard memberTpatapouf14611178728224 Sep '23 11:17Challenge Player
Standard memberJPouille1455603424224 Sep '23 11:04Challenge Player
Standard memberAlain Girard1233511930224 Sep '23 10:40Challenge Player
Standard membercadafalcus13481355970624 Sep '23 10:31Challenge Player
Standard memberRichard Wesley14101878597524 Sep '23 10:17Challenge Player
Standard memberMarie Mévellec79678473124 Sep '23 10:17Challenge Player
Subscriberpolo2000132060092885275636824 Sep '23 10:15Challenge Player
Standard memberelmajnoun112811384366822024 Sep '23 10:09Challenge Player
Standard memberASpatap1200312024 Sep '23 09:48Challenge Player
SubscriberGenieGP18524712741861124 Sep '23 09:14Challenge Player
Subscribersabinus10592440107812887424 Sep '23 08:22Challenge Player
Standard memberRaspa135219699709257424 Sep '23 08:09Challenge Player
Standard membernikitwo1755244175511824 Sep '23 07:26Challenge Player
Standard memberpopel15502180858109822424 Sep '23 07:12Challenge Player
Standard memberlanouzille1171342178161324 Sep '23 07:08Challenge Player
Standard membersébastien cambriels159616710854524 Sep '23 07:07Challenge Player
Standard memberLebert1112443213221924 Sep '23 06:52Challenge Player
Standard memberGibertS1206411229024 Sep '23 06:39Challenge Player
Standard memberGreg agen1587573618324 Sep '23 06:33Challenge Player
Standard memberCedric Cajet14343321851351224 Sep '23 06:33Challenge Player
Subscribersigal lucien18146983792417824 Sep '23 06:31Challenge Player
Standard memberlantignie15144672182044524 Sep '23 04:49Challenge Player
Subscriberbrgal144021312486323 Sep '23 22:59Challenge Player
Standard memberKratic17222895168693927023 Sep '23 21:02Challenge Player
Standard memberMorphyFishp1200404023 Sep '23 20:15Challenge Player
Standard memberKit1152p1200101023 Sep '23 19:11Challenge Player
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