Dominican Republic

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriberejimenez1303193283610306607 Feb '23 03:40Challenge Player
Standard memberJuan1447123521417007 Feb '23 03:03Challenge Player
Standard memberDominican power15296643792523307 Feb '23 03:00Challenge Player
Standard memberOneTruth16139607351764907 Feb '23 02:39Challenge Player
Standard membercristobal1178180675010055106 Feb '23 19:29Challenge Player
Standard memberJor Martin12631458059606 Feb '23 17:14Challenge Player
Standard memberjulio quesada160119413755206 Feb '23 11:18Challenge Player
Standard memberAntonio Alma134518919019038705 Feb '23 02:47Challenge Player
Standard memberedmasa271765220147621122 Jan '23 16:03Challenge Player
Standard memberJerry Felipe15201797997322 Jan '23 15:47Challenge Player
Standard memberSan Martin14022082900107410813 Jan '23 18:15Challenge Player
Standard memberOscar Idrailyn Fdez C1171294164121927 Aug '22 00:54Challenge Player
Standard memberGabriela Hernándezp1200404012 Apr '22 02:02Challenge Player
Standard membergabriel soriano14342741341301010 Apr '22 13:16Challenge Player
Standard memberAhominep1200101014 Mar '22 21:02Challenge Player
Standard memberGerald Z183438324204 Aug '21 00:19Challenge Player
Standard membermarlogop1200000009 May '21 04:36Challenge Player
Standard memberKarlaelizabeth1p1200302127 Mar '21 21:23Challenge Player
Standard memberKrlaelizabeth7421383297924 Mar '21 16:14Challenge Player
Standard memberGSmiguel14702841141531725 Dec '20 18:25Challenge Player
Standard memberHildelp1200101022 Oct '20 02:54Challenge Player
Standard memberbradis17051167636414 Jun '20 21:49Challenge Player
Standard memberjvargas14p1200000025 Mar '20 22:05Challenge Player
Standard memberalfeliz1488228991151414 Mar '20 23:31Challenge Player
Standard membermangumoro1540503116306 Feb '20 23:52Challenge Player
Standard memberMichelleJuliao142831209204 Feb '20 08:44Challenge Player
Standard memberAfeliz127884893882424935803 Nov '19 12:49Challenge Player
Standard memberPedro Gonzalezp1200101005 Jun '19 16:30Challenge Player
Standard memberlekesa191254503119031 May '19 20:59Challenge Player
Standard memberEdu14p1200422017 Mar '19 11:45Challenge Player
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