NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membereliecercruz2001544311002 Apr '23 12:07Challenge Player
Standard memberNormanNoMates1217101838952810102 Apr '23 08:00Challenge Player
Standard memberfoz4211535922882891502 Apr '23 02:12Challenge Player
Standard memberjosedv68p148410100001 Apr '23 21:18Challenge Player
Subscriberzsleep148815068516124301 Apr '23 02:48Challenge Player
Standard membercaraibbe14222390118411565031 Mar '23 19:40Challenge Player
Standard memberilfb3158719612464831 Mar '23 11:23Challenge Player
Standard memberpawntorook417223521911451627 Mar '23 12:04Challenge Player
Standard memberalexis morales rodriguezp130319108122 Mar '23 12:45Challenge Player
Standard memberioslan159510654361619 Mar '23 17:49Challenge Player
Standard memberCapachessp179011110010 Mar '23 04:23Challenge Player
Standard memberRaulOrtizHp1200101007 Mar '23 15:00Challenge Player
Standard memberyaselp1200101027 Feb '23 16:50Challenge Player
Standard memberCapaChess55p1200000028 Jan '23 05:22Challenge Player
Standard memberluisdaniel32p1200211014 Jan '23 03:01Challenge Player
Standard memberArgos1978p1502980112 Jan '23 02:56Challenge Player
Standard memberjosediazvegap1200000004 Jan '23 19:40Challenge Player
Standard memberMarvelous Maziqueen Margolott...2247211011002 Dec '22 13:07Challenge Player
Standard membermichellm14526993792625806 Aug '22 20:17Challenge Player
Standard memberJavico73p1200101029 Jul '22 14:02Challenge Player
Standard memberyoedusvany1460432417210 Jun '22 17:03Challenge Player
Standard memberGELLERp12661138028 Apr '22 17:59Challenge Player
Standard memberYandyRBp1200110030 Mar '22 20:14Challenge Player
Standard memberGLOUCESTER1220251114030 Mar '22 19:26Challenge Player
Standard memberfaina2181137331419015 Mar '22 17:50Challenge Player
Standard memberBlack1ce1153231013007 Jan '22 06:33Challenge Player
Standard memberEduardofreep11011284028 Nov '21 15:10Challenge Player
Standard memberJose Corveasp114019910016 Aug '21 00:09Challenge Player
Standard memberJOHAN1974p134716133022 Jul '21 19:15Challenge Player
Standard memberRushljrp1200101022 Jul '21 02:40Challenge Player
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