Croatia (Hrvatska)

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberbole09online14534441652671222 May '22 21:01Challenge Player
Standard memberMato Prskalop1340532022 May '22 20:57Challenge Player
Standard memberIVO JURKIC1518159373475710222 May '22 20:38Challenge Player
Standard memberVuki159225341251110018322 May '22 20:01Challenge Player
Standard memberNazif Gljiva103417287049695522 May '22 19:56Challenge Player
Standard membernewchildintime140123887146522 May '22 19:10Challenge Player
Standard memberkapetan145739871712212515022 May '22 18:52Challenge Player
Standard memberTatenko14828173783776222 May '22 18:27Challenge Player
Standard memberpave1394130461058011422 May '22 17:25Challenge Player
Standard memberSUN TZU OS16214122441392922 May '22 16:17Challenge Player
Standard memberMimi1342482622022 May '22 16:06Challenge Player
Standard membermodestyblaise2086208128324822 May '22 14:34Challenge Player
Standard memberxmenergy159212456325516222 May '22 12:04Challenge Player
Standard memberpetaar1572163088858216022 May '22 04:19Challenge Player
Standard memberidjakboz16712099845112113322 May '22 02:07Challenge Player
Standard membercromac15052010113660526922 May '22 00:08Challenge Player
Standard membersahmatov139415356807777821 May '22 08:35Challenge Player
Standard memberdambooo1225351619020 May '22 21:15Challenge Player
SubscriberBaxter82139927031385119911919 May '22 12:54Challenge Player
Standard memberdamabessrama17017064481679117 May '22 17:22Challenge Player
Standard memberSipak Drijen1831194125571204 May '22 16:58Challenge Player
Standard memberzole215464072171702030 Apr '22 12:46Challenge Player
Standard memberTata the champion128616694502206 Feb '22 01:58Challenge Player
Standard memberelevator30p1200000030 Jan '22 22:18Challenge Player
Standard membertritonix137611454546504126 Dec '21 10:09Challenge Player
Standard memberStanchonep1200210120 Dec '21 15:01Challenge Player
Standard memberjohntandp1200000006 Dec '21 04:30Challenge Player
Standard memberKiki0301p1129716015 Nov '21 23:28Challenge Player
Standard memberisaac912781025246414 Oct '21 23:56Challenge Player
Standard membercalixp95313112014 Oct '21 23:53Challenge Player
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