Costa Rica

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberdmedmedme117511736504883525 Sep '23 06:33Challenge Player
Standard memberGuitarristaTico16118444853075225 Sep '23 05:14Challenge Player
Standard memberjoy16707473393773124 Sep '23 16:39Challenge Player
Standard memberleogeminis11484842032701116 Sep '23 20:01Challenge Player
Standard memberTarit16053361701273909 Sep '23 09:49Challenge Player
Standard memberHattie12541003857528 Aug '23 00:53Challenge Player
Standard memberdnvr60615326273102734421 Jun '23 23:27Challenge Player
Standard memberAstolfoCRp1200101003 May '23 17:49Challenge Player
Standard memberTurrialba11801235463628 Apr '23 00:18Challenge Player
Standard memberlayo131617328378039216 Apr '23 13:57Challenge Player
Standard memberGreg Cantwellp1200000014 Apr '23 20:17Challenge Player
Standard memberLDA1366412714018 Feb '23 02:47Challenge Player
Standard memberEstevote1432674322208 Dec '22 12:45Challenge Player
Standard memberHumberto Jimenez1253331417226 Aug '22 20:55Challenge Player
Standard memberGermano91p1200000029 Jul '22 22:36Challenge Player
Standard memberraschildp1200000029 Jul '22 06:21Challenge Player
Standard memberHumberto20131667906520503 Jun '22 21:44Challenge Player
Standard memberjose2592514p1200000018 Apr '22 00:22Challenge Player
Standard memberChanzep1200000011 Nov '21 00:35Challenge Player
Standard memberWalterpayton141417811363220 Apr '21 13:09Challenge Player
Standard memberZanimalp1200220007 Jan '21 14:29Challenge Player
Standard memberKenneth Z10311466482014 Dec '20 15:19Challenge Player
Standard memberSaxAmpp1200000014 Oct '20 15:08Challenge Player
Standard memberLalo68p1200000014 Oct '20 00:04Challenge Player
Standard membercinco615321518465211 Apr '20 23:02Challenge Player
Standard memberregeneratesp1200101027 Mar '20 02:07Challenge Player
Standard memberforestpawn147710674465239822 Oct '19 19:12Challenge Player
Standard memberEggmanp1200422020 May '18 13:48Challenge Player
Standard memberEdwardlopez14971066341205 Apr '18 02:20Challenge Player
Standard memberfredomar1071422021124 Jan '18 22:44Challenge Player
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