Cook Islands

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberBlue Whalep117317313111 Jun '22 23:47Challenge Player
Standard memberNotReadyForPrimeTimep1108826008 Jun '21 19:01Challenge Player
Standard memberLuke Sullivan90432823130 Nov '19 10:40Challenge Player
Standard memberDrDRF14882901441301625 Jun '13 13:33Challenge Player
Standard memberLazarusreflexp1200220017 Jun '13 03:44Challenge Player
Standard memberMR2011p13911263323 Sep '11 17:04Challenge Player
Standard memberwilbsp1200110005 Apr '11 03:21Challenge Player
Standard membersparkydogz13361357952410 Jan '11 20:57Challenge Player
Standard membertenderkissedp1200615006 Sep '10 06:36Challenge Player
Standard membermacookp974808028 May '09 13:20Challenge Player
Standard memberWady1137291711111 Apr '08 18:27Challenge Player
Standard memberakira0takiski0rasiup1200404001 Dec '06 17:31Challenge Player
Standard memberdabap1200211022 Oct '06 06:11Challenge Player
Standard memberhnd5901p1229734025 Aug '06 09:33Challenge Player
Standard memberBandaroop1200615018 May '06 22:48Challenge Player
Standard memberladyboyp1200101004 Jul '05 17:33Challenge Player
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