NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membersamovaronline162315343971307 Oct '22 03:40Challenge Player
Standard membercookiesonline124246712416202722807 Oct '22 03:38Challenge Player
SubscriberMLSChess2305265204223907 Oct '22 03:31Challenge Player
SubscriberMister Biggins12642493115512429607 Oct '22 03:25Challenge Player
SubscriberPianoman1151770903522322234607 Oct '22 03:12Challenge Player
Standard memberoxmanc12592545126712364207 Oct '22 03:08Challenge Player
Standard memberMark Johnson1334352312007 Oct '22 02:57Challenge Player
SubscriberAino12983507122921829607 Oct '22 02:55Challenge Player
Standard memberStuart190213172662958160210207 Oct '22 02:39Challenge Player
Subscribersperzman15591254565774782118607 Oct '22 02:35Challenge Player
Standard memberandbarbred1115260106148607 Oct '22 02:33Challenge Player
Standard memberRubicon1187431824107 Oct '22 02:31Challenge Player
Standard memberAndrew Lovett11502708104216174907 Oct '22 02:16Challenge Player
Subscribersgg12766303023072107 Oct '22 01:45Challenge Player
Standard memberGazzaMozza1470330222102607 Oct '22 01:27Challenge Player
Subscribergav the great146635081757163211907 Oct '22 01:16Challenge Player
Standard memberGnasher9991404172475079617807 Oct '22 01:11Challenge Player
Subscriberpetshopboy167930561623115627707 Oct '22 01:09Challenge Player
Standard memberking charles109012634457714707 Oct '22 01:08Challenge Player
SubscriberBritannicus122773991887526824407 Oct '22 00:45Challenge Player
Standard memberMark Whiting123015082581007 Oct '22 00:35Challenge Player
SubscriberAccStanfc161528951451122422007 Oct '22 00:30Challenge Player
Standard memberansar7314598213743945307 Oct '22 00:10Challenge Player
Standard memberHeinzBeansp12421577106 Oct '22 23:58Challenge Player
SubscriberDaveLM15879955404084706 Oct '22 23:55Challenge Player
Standard memberMeursault13128014762982706 Oct '22 23:44Challenge Player
Standard memberGrant TheKing14522444898143710906 Oct '22 23:36Challenge Player
SubscriberNick Moor14199764794633406 Oct '22 23:26Challenge Player
SubscriberPaul A Roberts118435851662156735606 Oct '22 23:10Challenge Player
SubscriberColeFord1787184210187349006 Oct '22 23:10Challenge Player
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