Christmas Island

NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard membert dog00015444933251541429 Sep '23 12:54Challenge Player
Standard memberdmm89113508905393222929 Sep '23 10:31Challenge Player
Standard memberJJ aka JJp1200101026 Apr '23 10:07Challenge Player
Standard memberExecutioner Brand1307315143169323 Apr '22 06:25Challenge Player
Standard memberdayofthecacti1998177711435835109 Apr '22 08:55Challenge Player
Standard memberStevenKp1200000017 Aug '21 18:30Challenge Player
Standard memberPanther ZantHerp1200303030 Sep '20 11:14Challenge Player
Standard memberbeefziplocp1200101016 May '20 01:28Challenge Player
Standard memberRaachessp1200321012 May '20 22:48Challenge Player
Standard memberHuntingudown1p93911011028 May '16 12:02Challenge Player
Standard membertonybones1214007544323002223 Jul '15 14:15Challenge Player
Standard memberfisherjrp1200404029 Jun '13 15:43Challenge Player
Standard memberIvorThirdball1496332210109 May '13 22:24Challenge Player
Standard memberMarjin Buup1100606031 Mar '13 06:15Challenge Player
Standard memberpaldinip12111247130 Dec '12 21:51Challenge Player
Standard memberLBinfinity44p1088633014 Dec '12 05:31Challenge Player
Standard memberBenHurianp1200101016 Apr '12 21:49Challenge Player
Standard memberFerry73p1200321007 Mar '12 19:40Challenge Player
Standard membersofa kingp1200303025 Jul '11 14:39Challenge Player
Standard memberbdb12211103261114119 May '11 13:28Challenge Player
Standard member2niceEatinRice1133261214013 Jan '11 01:47Challenge Player
Standard membertono123p1200101017 Dec '10 13:43Challenge Player
Standard memberjuboy59p1160624013 Sep '10 10:33Challenge Player
Standard memberJamie Thou Luthorp1200101017 Jun '10 08:28Challenge Player
Standard memberbrunoleep1200101017 Mar '10 17:05Challenge Player
Standard memberhellomickap1163825109 Mar '10 16:30Challenge Player
Standard memberQuestionm4rkp1000606015 Jan '10 22:31Challenge Player
Standard memberdiggelibbep1200404012 Jan '10 10:15Challenge Player
Standard memberSeanBennettp1200101026 Nov '09 16:17Challenge Player
Standard memberToshantp1200101005 Nov '09 04:20Challenge Player
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