NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberMike Jonline12234442321912129 Jun '22 10:16Challenge Player
Standard memberTomdkonline13491237745129 Jun '22 10:10Challenge Player
Standard memberwhiteknightonline93520184116129 Jun '22 10:09Challenge Player
SubscriberRobert Hustononline13589604464169829 Jun '22 10:09Challenge Player
Standard memberKylasDadonline1317108852446110329 Jun '22 10:08Challenge Player
Subscriberkristjan152876174258287248729 Jun '22 10:02Challenge Player
SubscriberMejnour2167258205252829 Jun '22 10:00Challenge Player
Standard memberThedutchman121113336396791529 Jun '22 09:52Challenge Player
Standard membermikedickman136534726774629 Jun '22 09:50Challenge Player
Standard memberKevin Frenette1182251213029 Jun '22 09:46Challenge Player
Standard memberSwifter11801748585429 Jun '22 09:42Challenge Player
Subscriberinukjuak147091394236413476929 Jun '22 09:41Challenge Player
Standard membernutman1059562220335729 Jun '22 09:40Challenge Player
Standard memberpalmer45121014816507775429 Jun '22 09:36Challenge Player
Standard member1972Mapleleafs143710276013854129 Jun '22 09:32Challenge Player
Standard memberjschoonderwoerd1415171413313236029 Jun '22 09:29Challenge Player
Standard membert25160238732179101368129 Jun '22 09:26Challenge Player
Standard memberlittlepawn301991435385272329 Jun '22 09:25Challenge Player
Standard memberCounter37112146541343929 Jun '22 09:03Challenge Player
Subscriberdinc168129631719871221941106629 Jun '22 09:01Challenge Player
Standard memberle profp13141081129 Jun '22 08:58Challenge Player
Standard memberLLawyn1261267123135929 Jun '22 08:57Challenge Player
SubscriberSanjay Gupta 21264217098911275429 Jun '22 08:54Challenge Player
Standard membercubitus118644512007230913529 Jun '22 08:54Challenge Player
Standard memberTywa730259253620282829 Jun '22 08:53Challenge Player
Standard memberadmiraladama12961045543629 Jun '22 08:44Challenge Player
Standard memberart vandelay115110714995294329 Jun '22 08:25Challenge Player
Standard memberhrkvc126141611970206812329 Jun '22 08:24Challenge Player
SubscriberDanyDuck131514478245586529 Jun '22 08:22Challenge Player
Standard memberalwayschessforfun1724176105531829 Jun '22 08:18Challenge Player
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