NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberJohan Cordesonlinep1705990026 Sep '22 06:33Challenge Player
Standard memberFritsbarendonline1207793344226 Sep '22 06:31Challenge Player
Standard memberJosBonline12522167108910156326 Sep '22 06:30Challenge Player
Standard memberkasteeltuinonline16398934433618926 Sep '22 06:28Challenge Player
Standard memberhappypainteronline1480197294191112026 Sep '22 06:25Challenge Player
Standard memberrobur1159198986510853926 Sep '22 06:16Challenge Player
Standard membernopennick116214434779293726 Sep '22 06:16Challenge Player
Subscriberlex314814663091381926 Sep '22 06:15Challenge Player
Standard memberAlfredo17374692601634626 Sep '22 06:14Challenge Player
Standard memberCaesarp128617133126 Sep '22 06:14Challenge Player
SubscriberDonC4815084341991894626 Sep '22 06:13Challenge Player
Subscriberpatricko1658207895789722426 Sep '22 06:12Challenge Player
Standard memberrob vermeij1265271016126 Sep '22 06:11Challenge Player
Standard memberGijsbertBulk15652551131123026 Sep '22 06:09Challenge Player
Subscriberherrero132367633110306458926 Sep '22 06:09Challenge Player
Standard memberhan o witz13593907155222738226 Sep '22 06:08Challenge Player
Standard memberjpvergouwen178847441055926 Sep '22 06:07Challenge Player
Standard memberGj Hiemstra1140305137163526 Sep '22 06:04Challenge Player
Subscribersesagym18145443481623426 Sep '22 06:02Challenge Player
Subscriberamblessador160937241751148648726 Sep '22 06:02Challenge Player
Standard memberPeter Six Dijkstra1444170353986629826 Sep '22 05:58Challenge Player
Standard memberfraffqa1464343250741926 Sep '22 05:52Challenge Player
Standard memberCo Braber15395723142184026 Sep '22 05:52Challenge Player
Standard memberQwazy163018410669926 Sep '22 05:48Challenge Player
Standard memberjay7714025492782462526 Sep '22 05:48Challenge Player
Standard memberGerrit de Leeuw2136400230888226 Sep '22 05:47Challenge Player
SubscriberJeff Corbet16767785491745526 Sep '22 05:45Challenge Player
SubscriberJeroen Preijde146925821216116420226 Sep '22 05:44Challenge Player
Standard memberPeter Bakker11532621391111226 Sep '22 05:41Challenge Player
Standard memberjohanv12949104404244626 Sep '22 05:40Challenge Player
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