NamePlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard memberGijsbertBulk15652551131123025 Sep '22 21:28Challenge Player
Standard memberDinges160023721160110710525 Sep '22 21:22Challenge Player
Standard membertinus711217277981651425 Sep '22 21:21Challenge Player
Standard memberdweaf103112614977244025 Sep '22 21:19Challenge Player
Standard memberA3Chess1190166387467011925 Sep '22 21:18Challenge Player
Standard memberGj Hiemstra1140305137163525 Sep '22 21:15Challenge Player
Standard memberNoor He So1111280118158425 Sep '22 21:12Challenge Player
SubscriberEverhard195718104192501442525 Sep '22 21:12Challenge Player
SubscriberMissblanche156614207186257725 Sep '22 21:09Challenge Player
Standard memberKrommeR1273155762866626325 Sep '22 21:06Challenge Player
Standard memberJacqie D1390502325225 Sep '22 21:05Challenge Player
SubscriberDonC4815084341991894625 Sep '22 21:05Challenge Player
Subscribergono13684602541901625 Sep '22 21:05Challenge Player
Subscribersesagym18145443481623425 Sep '22 21:03Challenge Player
Standard memberhan o witz13593907155222738225 Sep '22 21:02Challenge Player
Standard memberPeter Bakker11532621391111225 Sep '22 21:00Challenge Player
Standard memberCha Cha Wolf147227118286325 Sep '22 20:58Challenge Player
Standard memberDaltons15931516102931916825 Sep '22 20:58Challenge Player
Standard memberDB661533185090284010825 Sep '22 20:58Challenge Player
Standard memberHenk Lebbink 2177316513324825 Sep '22 20:53Challenge Player
Standard memberNico Aardoom1555205102861725 Sep '22 20:53Challenge Player
Standard memberRakker1665171394266510625 Sep '22 20:51Challenge Player
Standard memberrememberme1792143510842658625 Sep '22 20:46Challenge Player
Standard memberJimenjoe9277832684981725 Sep '22 20:43Challenge Player
Standard memberEndorphin115410534266101725 Sep '22 20:39Challenge Player
Standard memberHonestjohn13201489643925 Sep '22 20:19Challenge Player
Standard memberblklndj192333310225 Sep '22 20:18Challenge Player
Subscriberamblessador160937241751148648725 Sep '22 20:12Challenge Player
Standard memberJJR Lancel1474215292311339625 Sep '22 20:10Challenge Player
Standard memberbartverberne12868263214683725 Sep '22 20:09Challenge Player
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