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About Mandrake

Born in London just after the War and now an ex-pat living in Japan.
Began playing Chess with the family at home and school.
At University played a lot of Inter-College Tournament Chess, both in the U.K and Europe.
Stopped playing for 50 years after graduation from Uni due to the pressure of earning a living and travelling while working.
<No Internet in those days>
When starting to play OTB after retirement, was astonished at the damage 50 years in a Chess free environment had done.
The saying "If you don't use it, lose it" is so true!
<Embarrassing experience>
To be able to compete again, regular play was the answer.
<Hooray for the Internet>
After a very wobbly re-start at the beginning of '20,
<Double whammy; incoherant game and computer illiteracy>
am starting to enjoy the sport again!
Looking forward to meeting you across the virtual board for some entertaining "Wood Pushing".
Kindest Regards!!

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