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Accepting challenges from rated 1750 to 2400
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About Ellis Burke

Chess causes and releases stress... can you imagine how bless I am to be playing with the best? Win , lose or draw, (if time permit) let's finish in style, finish quick! God bless!
Hey guys, here is a book on motivation and values for the young and not so young alike , written by my wife "Become the person that God can trust with the legacy of the next generation". It is available at Amazon.com in paper back and kindle. How about your own copy? Read and be challenged and changed! (Published January 24' 2016.) Thanks.

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Games Played3659
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Tourn. Entry Rating1866

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3654 games


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1871 games


403 games

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44 games


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Highest Rating185118911891
Average Rating183017941773
Lowest Rating180616561656
Opponent Average Rating169617281786
Games Rated1693521
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