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I'm Darren Turpin, gardener at Ordsall Hall and Gardens in Salford, allotmenteer and blogger ( based in Manchester, UK. I'm a reasonable but horribly inconsistent chess player, and have spent most of my 14+ years on RHP in the 1300-1500 rating bracket as a result. (Try to catch me when I have more than 20 games on the go, I'll usually play too fast and make a blunder-move at some point...)

I'm happy to chat during the game: gardening, GYO, books, real ale / craft beer, football, cooking, movies, TV, music, whatever. But if that's not your thing and you'd rather just play, no problem.

I don't take time-out wins unless the game is obviously long-dead (1-2 months with no moves), or the tournament system forces an auto-time-out.

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All Games Played2720
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All Moves96794
Moves This Month261
Tourn. Entry Rating1512

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2686 games


1342 games


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82 games


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Average Rating146714631470
Lowest Rating140213751294
Opponent Average Rating142213961424
Games Rated5176658
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