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LIVE Session : Middle game: I have no plan! Finished


The live chat is on youtube

I hope you enjoyed this video lesson blog

the article by Natalia Pogonina from 201...

LIVE lesson: Middle game : Tactical review - [ended]


Middle Game: How to examine the Crime Scene.


Game being reviewed:
popeyethesailor (1545) vs Archrival (1326)
event 2015 April Hardcore Grand I 1300-1400

If you would like to follow with the game being reviewed the PGN is below. ...

Middle game : Box Vision : How to beat it

Box Vision
Box vision1

My next guide for the middle game covers something that is something of a epidemic among chess players. The Illness I call it , is Box vision. You see the chess board is made out of 64 squares a square shape so that means you can divided that box by 4 to make 4 smaller boxes so they are 4 by 4 squares. This makes it easier for people to handle in their minds eyes. ...

Chess: Diversion


This picture I drew when I was younger from my favorite chess book at the time. A chess pawn looking at a sign post.


The next phase of the training is to start covering the middle game. There really is no point covering the end game tactics if your middle game is so bad you do not make it ten (10) moves without falling apart. ...

The Power of the Force


Continuing onto the next logical step when something goes wrong such as losing a strong piece like our queen. We need to adjust our game style and plan. If your opponent has an advantage it is no good trying to force your way like bull in a china shop.

There is a difference between forcing the win and forcing the path the game runs through. A Weaker player will try to force the situation on you. This is something I am guilty of too where I press on the gas too much and end up doing more harm to my self.

Enjoy the latest blog video. ...

Coping with a sudden loss of a loved one (The Q)

Title hereSo you are playing with your queen and before you know it she gets captured by a blood sucking vampire. Are you going to lose your cool and have to be restrained from doing something rash?

When playing chess there is no one else there that will do this for you. This is a shame to be honest because most players fall victim to their own emotions before they fall victim to their opponent. So this means you have no one else you can rely on other than yourself. No one loses their queen intentionally unless it is planned this, it can happen because we have overlooked something. The other way is we get too confident and over extend on our attack and end up getting the Queen stuck or trapped and the final way is by an attack from our opponent that has paid off and ended...

The power of the Queen

The Queen,

rT9VQxaGKI0 ...

Live video Blog Session


Happy New year!

January 2014 part 2

I hope everyone enjoy the Holidays and welcome to 2014 part 2 ( 2015 ).

I hope I didn't leave you hanging too much and I hope your minds are eager for more. Since it is the 12th day after Christmas tomorrow officialy trees any and all green must be gone from within the house.
Since we chess players need all the luck we can muster I'll give you a brief second to go run round make sure there is no hidden Holly or pieces of Tree anywhere and get one more kiss under the mistletoe...
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