SG's puzzle torture camp

SG's puzzle torture camp

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Plachutta Power!

Plachutta Power!

An Interference Theme
Interference is a popular motif in chess composition; it's popular enough that we have named several different forms of it. Here's how this one works.

Say you have two pieces guarding two key squares...

The Difference Between a Helpmate and a Selfmate

The Difference Between a Helpmate and a Selfmate

This was proffered as an example of a game where white decided to `selfmate` rather than just resign:


Solving the 'double whammy'

Actual conversation with a friend :When I retire, I might try to learn how to compose problems.

What kind are you making?

Oh, just mate in 2 or mate in 3s. I kinda like these Double Whammies too, they might be easier to create.

Oh, ok. #2/3 is a good place to start. But what is a `double whammy`? ...

SG's picks: Shredder puzzles

Here are my top 5 favorite puzzles from the Shredder weekly chess puzzle site.

r5k1/p4p1p/3R2p1/1q1PB2r/1np5/4R2P/1P3PP1/3Q2K1 b
Black's best move?


Two Proof Games for Solving

Having gone thru the latest issue of StrateGems, I found two outstanding Proof Games for solving:

G.Donati/O.Heimo, StrateGems 2011
PG in 23.0 moves

S.Hashimto, StrateGems 201...

Solutions to 9/7 problems

Solutions to 9/7 problems:

2Kb4/7B/1p1p2N1/4pPPp/R1P1k1qQ/3p1N2/8/1n3RB1 w - - 0 1

1. Nf4 Qxf5+ 2. Ne6#
(1... d5 2. cxd5# )
(1... Qxg1 2. Ng2# ...

Problems for 9/7/10

Excellent, though the warden to himself as the inmates groaned trying to solve the three brain cramping puzzles he had dug up for solving. The only embarrassment had been the complete failure of the prison guards to invent a fourth problem to torment them further.

The problems were so hard that only one inmate among the mass of them was able to find a solution to each. The reign of terror continued the next day....

2Kb4/7B/1p1p2N1/4pPPp/R1P1k1qQ/3p1N2/8/1n3RB1 w - - 0 1
2Kb4/7B/1p1p2N1/4pPPp/R1P1k1qQ/3p1N2/8/1n3RB1 w - - 0 1
Mate in ...

Solutions to 8/22 problems

helpmate in 3:

1...Rh1 {makes room for the white rook} 2.Rg1 Bg8 {the only way to get rid of the Bishop} 3.Rxg8 Rxb1 4.Rxa8#

Solved: PigsOnThe7th

Mate in ...

Problems for 8/22/10

The inmates were starting to tire of torture camp and the problems therein. "They look so simple!", one cried.

"Fine!", thought the warden. If they think this is a place with nothing but weak minded problems, they shall be in for a rude awakening......

Edit: Added FEN code for each position below the board. This will help setup the problem for solving. The warden is not totally heartless...

q7/8/8/1Kp5/1p6/2b5/bp6/kBRr4 ...

New Torture Camp Guard

Here are the solutions to the previous post.

7K/1rPR1p2/4pP1R/2N1kp2/2Q1p2N/3pP3/p6b/q1n5 w - - 0 1
White mates in 2
1.Nc5*e4 ! threat: 2.Nh4-f3 #
1...Qa1-d4 2.Qc4*d4 #
1...f5-f4 2.Rh6-h5 #
1...f5*e4 2.Qc4-c5 #...
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