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2019 Christmas Chess Quiz

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Hello, Merry Christmas etc...etc... some of the answers are right below the questions`.
Those that require a more detailed answer are in the 'Answers' section at the bottom.

(1) One condition in Santa’s contract was not only to deliver toys to every corner
of the globe but to also take out ‘The Grinch.’ This is known as Santa’s clause. ...

Chess Historians...Huh!

This is all the fault of the Chess Historian Edward Winter.

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Nobody knows what Edward Winter looks like...this will do.

Ages ago his site hinted that when Morphy played his famous game at the opera in Paris
1858 the opera being performed may have been Norma by Bellini. So I went and bought it...

King Hunts and Knight Forks

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A King being chased across the 64 squares with a player shooting at it’s
feet still, after all these years, brings out in me a primitive joy of chess.

So when recently a Grandmaster sent another Grandmaster’s King for a walk I just
had to share it with you lot and use it as an excuse to show some of your King Hunts. ...

Chess Shenanigans

Title here the 30 year old Chinese player Wang Hoa.

Title here

This is what he looks like. (picture from

The candidates to find a worthy challenger to Carlsen will be held i...

The Chess Suicide Snare

I’d lost my g1 Knight, but it had been on holiday and has just come back.

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red pawns

In the recent World Cup one of the rapid tie-break games between Teimour Radjabov
and Ding Liren, the Chinese player set a wee trap before resigning. In GM parlance this
is known as a joke move, but it would have been no joke if Radjabov had fallen for it...

The Once in a Lifetime Chess Combination.

My life is complete. I now have a Doctor Who Chess Set.

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Normally I shun these gimmick, historic or decorative chess sets.
I’m a Staunton design man, I think most of us chess players are.

{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1569869801.png}Title here{/imgblock...

Pal Benko (1928 - 2019)

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Pal Benko 1928 - 2019.

Sadly another great player and personality has passed away. Pal Benko.
Mention the name and three things come to mind, the opening that bears
his name, his role in Fischer getting to the 1972 World final v Spassky
and his problem page that ran for many years in Chess Life and Review...

Ding Pins and Wins and a Chess Joke

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The thread accompanying this blog is 182385

1... Ng5 2. Rg3 Ke5 3. Rc3 Ne4 4. Rh3
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Atomick's Pet Chess Trap!

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Me and the duck losing at chess (it was The Duck’s Fault!)
green pawns

Last week we set the task place 18 Queens (nine of each colour)
on a chessboard without any of the Queens attacking each other.

5qqq/4qqq1/QQQ5/4q3/Q7/6qq/2QQ4/1QQQ4 w - - 0 1
That is the solution but some lad over at let’s call him ‘Smart Alec....

The 18 Queens Chess Problem.

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I think it was in it was definitely 1976 when....come
to think of it I’m positive it was 1977..,perhaps.. and I’m sitting
there playing over a game from Chernev’s 1,000 - short games.
(I have that bit right) when Ian was Johnny who...

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