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This will be 'Test Tube Chess' part II

And speaking of covers. I always try to start off this blog with an interesting
picture or drawing or what ever. Last week I did a piece on ‘Test Tube Chess’
A few days after posting I thought up a good cover for that book which, if you
recall the cover position to solve nearly put me off chess studies forever. .

no title

No need to applaud or PM me with praise as to how gifted I am. I already know...

Test Tube Chess

Today we meet an old friend with whom I had lost contact with many years ago.

no title

We recently met again courtesy of a friend unloading his chess books.

When ever this book came up in conversation I always mention that I nearly gave
up ever looking inside because the first things I did was to try the White to play...

Amazing Bishops and Knight Triangles

I came across one of these. It’s a Bishop Maze (9 moves)

1k6/8/6n1/8/4n3/1n6/8/4B2K w - - 0 1
Only the Bishop moves, nothing else. The Bishop must never move onto a
square where it can be taken and you have to place the Black King in check

If you want to give it a go then I’m giving the answer at the bottom of this blog...

Simple Chess and the Corridor Mate.

This book, quite rightly so, has been hailed as a mini classic.

no title

Quite a few of the older members here will have the one of the left.
For some reason, possibly a business going into administration the one
on the right (algebraic) is popping up in Oxfam charity shops all over
the country with players reporting the price varying from £2.99 - £3.99...

Chocolates, CHESS and Carlsen.

How about this for self control.

no title

I was sent these chocolate chess pieces...

no title

...15 years ago and I’ve still not eaten them....

The Tal Book WInner and Blind Swine Mate

no title

The story so far. Detective Paul Green (green pawn...gedditt!!) the handsome
all round athlete with a full head of hair was trying to solve the murders of six
members of the Red Hill Chess Club. He had narrowed the suspects down to ten.

Five men, four woman and a dog called Blue. All the victims had been strangled
in their sleep. (spoiler alert! The dog did it with his leash. It was a clever dog....

Tal Book Competition and Bullet Chess

To win ‘The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal’ all you need do is...

no title

...guess how many pocket chess set pieces are in the shot glass.

no title

There are three sets involved so no more than 48....

A Bonanza of Chess Blunders

Last week I promised I’d run a competition to win this book.

Title here

Here are the rules. I put the book on E-Bay and who bids the most for it, gets it!

Title here

I’ve not thought up anything ‘green pawnish suitable’ ye...

The Happy New Year 2023 Chess Blog

no title

Happy New Year and if your Birthday happens to also be on the
first of January then Happy Birthday as well. If you got married on the
first of January then Happy Anniversary. If you retired on the first....

no title

A quick look back at last year. (because I cannot think of anything else. ...

2022 Chess Christmas Quiz and Games

no title

They put a concrete chessboard outside Murrayfield Rugby Stadium
So I turned up with my blue (Scotland) and red (Wales) and chess set.



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